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Ask a specialist

Having difficulty getting answers? You're not alone.


Accurate, relevant information about symptoms, treatment and everyday life with Superficial Siderosis can be a bit tricky to come by.


Thankfully, expert Dr Michael Levy has been sharing his expertise on the Silent Bleed website for the past few years. Based at Massachusetts General, he’s a respected authority and he's the physician behind the first defereprone trials. We're committed to supporting his ongoing research.

If you’d like to read about a particular subject, please browse the subject headings below. If there’s something specific you need to find out about, please use the search facility at the top of the page and then use your Internet browser software to search the individual page.


There’s a lot of information, which we do our best to sift, sort and edit: and although we’re on a massive mission, we’re still just a tiny team. So we apologise for the legwork but we promise, it’s worth it and we remove all personal details so individuals’ privacy is protected at all times.

Still can't find what you're looking for? We’re all different, on a different journey with different circumstances, physiology and access to information. If having been through our pages, you haven’t got the answers you need, please send us your question and we’ll forward it to Dr Levy. To save him some time and effort, we tend to send him questions in batches of ten, so if it takes a little time, don’t worry.

And keep checking back - any updates we have, you'll find under Latest Questions.

Whether you have Superficial Siderosis or you’re supporting someone with the condition, we’re here to help you get the answers you need to make informed choices about the way forward.

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