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Jason's story

Jason's battle with Superficial Siderosis

My battle of Superficial Siderosis possibly starts at 1982 when I had my first brain haemorrhage, however recently 2009-12, I had a second. Somehow blood from the haemorrhage managed to get into the cerebral fluid which runs through my vertebrae, iron from the blood is causing problems in both motor and cognitive skills (to put this simply, imagine rows of cables without insulation close together and liquid iron spilt on them, they would short out causing the lights to behave in a manner they should not).


In America the use of Ferriprox (Each tablet contains 500 mg deferiprone), is indicated for the treatment of iron overload, check out my blog where I talk about clearing the iron from my blood including the use of Ferriprox. At this time, the effects from the Superficial Siderosis are; Ataxia, Migraines, Memory loss (short and long term), Tinnitus, 75% hearing loss, Muscular tremors, Double vision, Video vision (what I see bounces when walking)  and constant tiredness.


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