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AWOKEN to the Silent Bleed!

On the 13/12/2014 at 11am we held our first event to raise funds to become a charity. A walk, roll, jog or run in pyjamas around Furzton Lake was held raising £375 on the day with an expected total of £700 so that the Silent Bleed can move from being a community group to a charity.


My Sister and Nephew proposed that they would like to run raising funds, within three months my Sister gathered friends of hers as well as friends of mine from my school days to help raise funds. On the day I was shocked by both how organised and supported it was, meeting friends I had not seen for years, making new friends, a large banner, hot and cold drinks, signing in sheet and poster for all to wear my Sister did me proud!


I have Superficial Siderosis and have created a community group and website ( that provides advice to those that have it and for those that wish to know, basically Iron salts from blood stop communication with the brain and cause problems such as sighted here.


I am creating this charity to help those in my condition and find a cure however, in order to be a charity we need a turnover of £5000 per year (cash raised goes towards the running of The charity and research in Baltimore).


MKFM were there to report on the happenings and were with us throughout the entire walk, by clicking here you will find images of those that took part in the course, big thanks to MKFM for covering the event. An unplanned speech I made can be seen here, thanks for videoing that Estela, oops!

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