The Power of Talking

What do you get if you sit two well respected neurologists, a consultant radiologist, a pharmacist, a research assistant and a PhD student around a table? Ideas, collaboration and a drive for answers.

And we were lucky enough to be invited along. Read more about the marvelous things that happened around a plate of chocolate chip cookies at UCL's Stroke Research Centre in London.

hot off the press

Our new leaflets have not been back from the printers a week yet and they've already proved themselves useful.  We gave out a bundle at the recent Autumn Fair and one copy found its way around a room of doctors at the local hospital when a team member made a brief visit to A&E this week. It's bright, colourful and easy to read - and we designed it to direct interested people to the website for further information on what we do, how we can help and what others can to do join in. I think we've learned what a useful tool they are so if you'd like a bundle, let us know.

The Silent Bleed Leaflet about Superficial Siderosis
Brighton Colour Run 10th October - watch out for news (and photos) of just how messy our team get next week!

We're doing it all again - but this time it's a Christmas Fair

Craft events in association with:

Tongham Community Association

Following the success of our recent Autumn Craft Fair we just had to organise another one.  Ever grateful to Tongham Community Association (who give us the hall for free) and my friends at Change of Scene, we are happy to annouce our Christmas Fair on Sunday 15th November from 12-3pm at Tongham Community Centre.  Everyone welcome!

A taste of autumn - charity craft fair

Change of Scene

We've put together a couple of charity runs before but this one is a first - a charity craft fair.  Organised in partnership with Surrey charity Change of Scene, the day will be an ideal opportunity to get in a little early Christmas shopping with all manner of gorgeous handmade gifts on offer as well as some temping food.


We thought that this would also be a cracking opportunity for a meet and greet - a great way to put names to the faces we talk to on social media all the time.  All the Silent Bleed team will be there too with more information about the charity and our plans for the future.


The hall has excellent parking, facilities for wheelchair users, kitchen and a bar.


If you're a crafter and interested in hiring a stall, or if you feel you would like to help on the day, please let us know.  Publicity is always a good thing - so please feel free to let your friends and relatives know about the event and help us to raise money to fight Superficial Siderosis.


Tongham Charity Craft & Vintage Fair

Tongham Community Centre, Poyle Road, Tongham (Near Farnham), Surrey, GU10 1DU

It's been available for some time on other sites including Facebook but thanks to Rori Daniel (check out his superb blog Living with Superficial SIderosis) we've now got Dr Levy's informative webinar on Silent Bleed for everyone to view here.  Many thanks to Rori, Dr Levy and everyone involved in this.  It's a truly international effort and so very much appreciated.  Please note that the Adobe software will not work with Apple devices but we are in the process of acquring a transcript.