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Q: Could this improve the efficacy of Ferriprox?


A: The technology in this article is describing a lipid nanoparticle that can transport its contents to the brain. This might be useful for getting a new or better iron chelator in to the brain. Ferriprox is itself a lipid particle so it has no trouble getting into the brain. Within seven minutes of ingestion, Ferriprox is already in the brain. The difficulty lies in prying the iron molecules off ferritin proteins so they could be chelated by the Ferriprox.

Q: Is Alzheimer's a form of dementia created by SS? What causes dementia in SS patients?


A:No. Alzheimer’s is a dementing illness caused by a very different mechanism.



Q: Vagus Nerve. Excessive sweating. Someone mentioned that this could be due to damage to the vagus nerve. Have you come across this as a symptom of SS? Could the vagus nerve also be the cause of acid reflux? I suffer from both! Is there a connection? Many thanks.


A: The vagus nerve is generally spared in superficial siderosis. Only 1-2 mm of this nerve is exposed to the spinal fluid and the iron particles within it. However, there are other nerves in the spinal cord that assist with autonomic function including swallowing, blood vessel control, sweating, etc. Dysfunction of these spinal cord nerves can be due to SS.

Q: New trial of antioxidant. I was diagnosed with SS 2.5years ago confirmed by 3 MRI's. If possible I wish very much to be included in the antioxidant group for testing or find out more about this. I live in Canada. My neurologist has offered me nothing not even hope. He knows nothing about SS, never had a patient and does not seem interested. Just live your life! I would also like very much to try the drug for the iron. My GP retired and I feel I have no one in my corner.

A: Canada is where Ferriprox is made. And it is approved there, as well as antioxidants that may be protective. If your doctor is not helpful, perhaps seek out a vascular neurologist who is more intersested in this condition.



Q: Pain in both shoulders down to my elbows has been going on since mid December I have only had two days without pain. Could this be neuropathy caused by SS. Or am I looking at rheumatoid arthritis?

A: Hard to tell. There can be many reasons for pain in the shoulders, arm and elbows. It could be neuropathy due to SS, but I would rule out the easily reversible causes first.