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Colour Run for the Silent Bleed - 10th October 2015

"What shall we do for our next fundraising event?"

"Let's do a run."

"Oh, I know of a really good one in Brighton."


And so the idea was born to join in the enormously fun Colour Run event along the seafront in Brighton, getting covered in coloured powder. 


Apparently the aim is to ensure every runner looks like they "ran through a beautiful rainbow" by the time they cross the finish line. 


And yep, that includes our own Rebecca Hoverd and Jason Roberts.


Those of us not running will be on hand to take pictures at the end.


So come along and support us - email if you would like further information.  And, of course, making a donation in lieu of a sponsorship sign up would also be welcome.


Looking forward to sharing photos from what will be an unforgetable day!


More details about Colour Run from here.

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