Jasons dedication

This website is dedicated to Louise Hart

Louise and I discussed getting together to create a charity for SS (as we were both sufferers and wanted more attention with regards to finding ways to deal with the disease). Unfortunately, we never got the chance as she died in 2014. She did however get a website started, I am continuing our mission until I pass away when another will pick up where I left off, until then, I shall carry the torch xx



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Our Facebook group is a kind and compassionate space for people with superficial siderosis to share the ups and downs of everyday life - search 'superficial siderosis - the silent bleed' and send a request to join.

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Registered as a Charity in England and Wales since 2016

Text reproduction and sharing


The reason we exist is to make our voices heard about superficial siderosis, so please feel free use the text on this site as you need to - all we ask is that you clearly mention us as the source and that you drop us a donation. Please ask permission to use photographs because many of them feature our members and it's only fair to ask them first. Many thanks.