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  • Terms of use – you read this website of your own free will. The information you glean and the ideas you digest as a result are your responsibility.

  • We are very grateful for and happy to pass on advice from qualified and knowledgeable doctors but we ourselves are not physicians.  What you will find on the site is well researched but we would always suggest you talk to your doctor about any concerns you have.

  • Copyright – unless otherwise stated, we are the legal copyright holder of all the material on the site (including all the images) and you cannot use it to reprint or publish it without written permission. Feel free to quote us but make sure that you reference properly and include a link back to the site.

  • Privacy – we will not sell any personal or contact details to a third party and we will not put it on spam lists. The information we hold is for the mailing list only.

  • Sharing your own work – we encourage readers to share their own writing with us, it’s part of the uplifting nature of our project. Apart from publishing it on the site, we will not publish it elsewhere without your permission (but please bear in mind, links to the site are shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter so once it’s out in the ether, it could go anywhere). we will always acknowledge the author if it’s not us.

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