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Have you read through Dr Levy's questions and want to leave one of your own? Please get in touch using the form below. We send questions in batches of ten and we post the answers as soon as we get them - check out the recently answered questions. It's entirely anonymous and don't forget that if you would like to chat to others with the condition about symptoms and everyday life, you can use the blue Facebook button on the right to join our facebook group.

Would you like a batch of leaflets? If you're able to download and print your own, that saves us money but if you'd like some glossy ones for a presentation or you don't have a printer, we're more than happy to send you some. Again, please leave your details below.


Have comments about the site and how we can improve it?  Would you like to get involved with fundraising or raising awareness. Whatever your enquiry, we would love to hear from you.


Also, if you'd like to buy a batch of funky fundraising wristbands, click here for our order form. 

We look forward to getting back to you soon

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