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Every penny counts

We're all volunteers, so your money goes straight to running the website, supporting members of our community and research.

  • Some people choose to give a one-off donation - it's a kind gesture with a purpose.

  • Others opt for a regular payment. It's easy to set up - simply click on donate above and follow the instructions. You can choose the amount and how often - this really helps us to plan the activities we can carry out and the funding we can give to research. Just the cost of a couple of take-out coffees once a month could make a difference.

  • Sadly, some people pass away and their loved ones choose to remember them by helping our work, asking for a donation in lieu of flowers. We understand it's a distressing time but we hope this kind of legacy brings some comfort. We're always saddened but humbled when we receive this kind of payment.


Help us with our vision

When someone you love is first diagnosed, it can be a stressful and confusing time. One of the reasons we exist is to help you through this period in your life. It's easy to feel helpless but by giving a donation (whether one-off or ongoing), you can help fund research and support others - so they don't have to feel so alone.

We're registered and regulated

We've been a UK-registered charity since 2016 (our registration number is 1169340). This means that our operations are regulated by the UK Government and we're accountable for the way that we gather, take care of and release funds.

This doesn't mean that we're not global. Our donations system allows you to give from wherever you are in the world, in whatever currency you need to and our main beneficiary for research funding is based in the U.S.A.

Can we help you?

We welcome grant applications from organisations around the world, as long as their project is:

  • ​concerned solely with superficial siderosis

  • research-based

  • solely for the support of superficial siderosis sufferers or the support of those around them

please contact us for more information about our grant-making application process.

Can you help us?

Cake sales, pub quizzes, fun runs - doesn't matter what you do to raise money for research, as long as you have fun. Whatever your skills, experience or resources, get a team together and get your thinking caps on. Find out more about what we'll do to support you in your efforts here.

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