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Where does the money go?

Many volunteers, hundreds of donations yet for what?

The objective is clear: find a cure for superficial Siderosis and prevent it happening. I have always said 'If the cash is there, anything is possible. Give me the money, try and prove me wrong'

Another one of my favourites is 'its not what you know its who you know' - and, wow, that has certainly proven to be true!

So lets see where the money has gone and is going. To me these three images are what make the charity all so worth while.

Dr Levy is searching for ways for those that have the disease to coupe best with it, as well as hopefully cure it whereas, Dr Werring is looking at prevention. When I first set out to create TSB I was focused on a cure as this was my need as well as a need of a few in a group named 'Superficial Siderosis', soon I saw there were two sides, I like to contribute to both and would like to encourage and help anyone setting up to fund a project/charity researching prevention however, this is not strictly my passion or need and so donations are made occasionally.

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