Built on coffee and Jaffa cakes

It's taken a while but this is our new website. The success of our little group and the old website we created has been staggering and well beyond what we hoped for when we dreamt it all up over coffee on a wet, dreary day one February.

And since then, the Jaffa cakes and coffee have flowed, leading us to this point: our new website.

Our hopes for the future? A definitive cure backed up with a full clinical study, a prevention programme for doctors treating people with brain bleeds now and greater awareness for everyone.

But we can't do any of this without you. Send us your story, click on the donate button up on the right to support research or download a few of our leaflets to give to your friends, family and doctors, so we can spread the word. The kettle's on. Fancy a cuppa?

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Our Facebook group is a kind and compassionate space for people with superficial siderosis to share the ups and downs of everyday life - search 'superficial siderosis - the silent bleed' and send a request to join.

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The reason we exist is to make our voices heard about superficial siderosis, so please feel free use the text on this site as you need to - all we ask is that you clearly mention us as the source and that you drop us a donation. Please ask permission to use photographs because many of them feature our members and it's only fair to ask them first. Many thanks.