Superficial Siderosis survival: or how to forget the elephant in the room

It's easy to talk about Superficial Siderosis like it’s some kind of abstract concept – it’s an MRI scan on a screen, it’s cerebrospinal fluid results, it’s in the title of a doctor’s letter. But it’s here, in the room, always. In an opinion piece by blogger and Silent Bleed charity member, Amanda Fearn, we look at how to turn the elephant in the room into a pint-sized figurine on a shelf - for a while at least.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Superficial Siderosis is a progressive condition and every symptom that comes along can feel like another layer of chub on the unwelcome, grey quadruped that's taken up residence in your living room.

Don't get me wrong, I like elephants - given a bowl of water, they'll get up to cute tricks and they have satisfyingly flappy ears but sat on your carpet next to the TV, they're likely to block out the sun. Whether yo